Vibration-measurement Equipment

VIBX4x01 & VIBX4x02


The modules of protective diode barriers from the VIBX4x01 series are one-, two- or three-channel devices, used as an interface that enables the connection of the signals between the non-intrinsically safe systems that work in safe areas and intrinsically safe systems (mostly sensors) installed in explosive atmospheres. An assembly of the diode barriers reduces the level of energy transmitted to the explosive atmosphere to a level that cannot cause ignition.

Device ATEX marking:

  • II (1G) [Ex ia] IIC
  • I (M1) [Ex ia] I
  • ATEX Cert.: FTZU 09 ATEX 0166X

The barriers such as VIBX4x01 and VIBX4x02 work with intrinsically safe sensors with ICP® interface, for example:

  • Group I: VIS313-C
  • Group IIC: Ex6xx

The barrier is DIN rail mountable. In order to use it for installations in zone I (mining) it is necessary to fulfill additional requirements described in the product card. It has the ability to transmit the intrinsically safe signal output from the bottom or the top of the device, which allows the clear preparation of the installation in a control cabinet. The wiring is connected via a terminal block connectors.

The barrier should be placed in an environment that ensures adequate protection against the ingress of water and the dust setting. Together with other products related to vibration monitoring, the offer of EC Systems provides all the required components to design and install a system for use in explosive atmospheres.


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