Our engineers have excellent experience in real time embedded measurement system design. We are developing analog, digital and mix signal systems. At present time in our electronic design we are using MIPS processors (PIC32MX, PIC32 MZ), Blackfin , PowerPC Processors with real-time operating system or without it. Also we are using FPGA (Altera). We have long term practice with digital signal processing.

Application fields of our systems are:

  • Avionic test and recording equipment with all kinds of avionic signals and interfaces, including MIL-STD-1553B and ARINC-429;
  • Multichannel measurement and control systems for aviation trainers of ANTONOV planes AN-70, AN-148;
  • Inertial Measurement Units, digital compass (hardware, algorithms, software);
  • Active multichannel hydroacoustics systems for underwater small objects finding;
  • Passive hydroacoustics systems for seismic measurements and other purposes;
  • Vibration measurement of industrial rotary machines, turbines, etc.;
  • Industrial automation measurement, control and registration systems with CoDeSys programming.

We are using international open standards VME, CompactPCI, “m-module” whenever it possible. We make compact, hard real-time systems if it demands.

We are using С/С++, LabView, CoDeSys for programming.

Engineering Center «Navitel» specializes in the development of electronic devices and software for special purpose systems and industrial automation .