Vibration-measurement Equipment



The VIBinspector is a single channel device recording vibration time signals together with machine’s rotational speed registered on the second channel. Thanks to advanced vibration diagnostics methods the system detects in advance slowly developing machine failures like: bearings or gears damage, imbalance, misalignment and weak foundation. Early warning against failures makes it possible to replace the faulty elements before they cause further, greater damage to the machine.

Another important usage of VIBinspector is machine balancing feature that can be used for fans, pumps and motors. Now it is easy to protect machines from the adverse influence of imbalance, just go through quick 4-step process and it is done.

The device can be used as an independent solution for vibration diagnostics, or as a supplement to the VIBstudio online condition monitoring system. In case when it is used to complement the stationary system, the VIBinspector is particularly useful to monitor less critical machines, which do not require the online monitoring, or on machines, where for various reasons, the online system cannot be installed.

Key benefits:

  • Less planned and unplanned down time
  • Optimized work parameters
  • Higher endurance
  • Better reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Optimized overhaul plan
  • Moderate price

The VIBinspector has a very friendly, modern user interface based entirely on a big (7″) touch screen. All the fundamental features have been designed in such manner, that it is possible to use them just with the fingers. Only the advanced operations, such as e.g. scaling the graphs, require using the stylus. Efficient industrial computer it is based on, advanced software included and full compatibility with the stationary condition monitoring system make the VIBinspector a very powerful and versatile device.

New feature – extended functionality

Wide usage of rotating elements in machines have risen the need for proper machine balancing which nowadays become a common process. Imbalance may have inconvenient impact on machine bearings and foundation. Moreover it can lead all machine parts to vibrate and cause serious damage.

Most important features:

  • Big color touchscreen
  • Balancing feature
    • intuitive interface
    • easy 4-step balancing process
    • quick elimination of rotor vibrations
    • better control over unpredicted breakdowns
    • easy saving and viewing report
  • Analysis configurable independently for each measurement point:
    • RMS
    • VRMS
    • PP
    • Kurtosis
    • Energy in the band
  • Detection of changes in analysis values in comparison with previous measurement (threshold in percent)
  • Data acquisition parameters configurable for each measurement point:
    • Sampling frequency up to 24 kHz
    • Sampling time from 1 second to 5 minutes (limited only by devices memory and CPU’s performance)
    • Measurement averaging
    • Amplification x1, x10, x100
  • Advanced data visualization:
    • Timing
    • Speed and acceleration spectrum:
      • frequency/order, envelope frequency/order
      • Harmonic cursor, sidebands, energy in the band
      • Zoom
    • Data table
  • Compatibility with the stationery VIBex vibration diagnostic system, configuration of the measurement routes in VIBex application, data import and analysis

Additional features:

  • Oscilloscope
  • Audio playback of the recorded data
  • Photo camera for measurement documentation
  • Ability to connect and analyze any analog signal

Technical parameters:

  • Intel Atom Z530 CPU, 2GB RAM, SSD 64GB, Windows 7, LAN 1Gb, Wi-Fi, 1 USB, Audio In/Out
  • 7″ touchscreen (1024×600, resistive)
  • Operation on batteries up to 8 hours
  • Sampling frequency 24kHz
  • Sensor power circuit control
  • The set comprises of:
    • Suitcase
    • Analyzer
    • Piezoelectric accelerometer compliant with ICP standard (VIS 311)
      • Sensitivity (+/-10%) 100mV/g
      • Measuring range +/-50g
      • Frequency range (+/-3dB) 0.5-10000Hz
      • Nonlinearity +/-1%
    • Optical speed sensor
    • Sensor mounting brackets


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